Anya leszek!

Application available in Hungarian.
Are you pregnant?

Congratulations! Begin the most important period of your life.

Watch the changes in your body and child development using a digital diary for pregnant women!

Application below will help you:

- Read useful information about the child and about yourself, the necessary medical tests, week by week,
- You can set personal reminders to not forget anything,
- Each week, you can record the most important events that can attach photos,
- You can track changes in weight, waist circumference, ankles, hips, blood glucose, blood pressure and pulse
- Choose a name for your son / daughter and reads the origin of the name
- Shopping List, with everything you need while the baby is born
- Journal can print.


It should be noted that the mobile application is not a substitute to replace professional medical care and counseling. With any questions or complaints, please contact your doctor!
Free app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad requires iOS 7.0 minimum


free app for iOS, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad