Czismás Kandúr - Angol gyerekeknek

Greetings from the wonderful world of fairy tales! Get a lot of joy to children and herself interactive language learning game series "Puss in Boots" piece of.
Our product offers:
the fairy tale "Puss in Boots" in two languages: English and Hungarian
with a light, natural way to learn English words and phrases, excellent animation and professional dubbing
interactive memory game for two players, multiplayer modes with support through the game center (iPad Game Center)
"mini-games" to assist learning, such as "Find the right word!" or "Guess which word is the word!"
interactive dyes; the images can be saved to photo album or web pages can be uploaded Awareness
various fees, which are available for the knowledge acquired in the game center (iPad Game Center)
The tale works with any iOS eszözön, but the iPad offers the best experience (any generation can be used).
The AstrumQ Eddica Language Schools and a lot of fun and adventure-filled moment does the "Puss in Boots" games.


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