Ghici Mania Free: Distractie Maxima prin Transformarea Imaginilor in Cuvinte

Many hidden words you can fill your mind with fantasy in this game Words
--- Totate words ROMANIAN ditch! ---
Simple and addictive
It is easy to play! Look at each picture and try to discover what good have in common, the answer will result in cuvatntul looking for, just by clicking on the letters that you want to use see could write the word. Likewise, if you press the wrong letter and it will delete unwanted!
I do not really know the word? No problem! If you answer correctly the puzzle's say you get "coin" as a reward. With these coins you can buy clues that will reveal a letter or erase some of the letters that you can use!
If you want more coins you can buy in the store.
"Share-uieste" appulse on facebook or twitter to you and you will get free coins every day.
How many puzzles you can solve think? Discover this by installing apply on your phone and start playing right now.
Have fun!


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