Lolamesék – Paracsidom kertészet

In Milla's world everybody is happy and curious and friendships last forever. Milla guides us through the most important adventures and experiences of a four year old girl. We can learn what happens to seeds when they are planted, why we should sing to our tomatoes, and what kind of friends will Milla find in a house with a garden.

We can also enjoy five iPad games, and get back to the story again - in an interactive way. We can count the tomatoes in Milla's room, we help her plant the seeds and nurture them, we can even ride the bike or sing with Milla!

The animated audiobook, five games and a cartoon will surely make the whole family laugh and enjoy Milla's funny world. This application is in Hungarian language, but also available in English in the App Store.



Is a not free app for iPad.


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