Lookout Free

Never lose your phone again! Connect to your missing iPhone or iPad by contacting it over the internet, no matter where you are! Lookout is the easiest way to keep your precious iPhone or iPad safe and prevent it from being lost forever.

Lookout is a free, all-in-one app that lets you:
- Communicate with your missing device over the internet from any web browser of from another phone to find it quickly and easily
- Use Signal Flare to automatically save your device's location before it runs out of battery
- Back up your data and your personal information

You can also use Lookout to:
- Find your lost iPhone or iPad, even if its on silent!
- Remotely establish a two-way call to your lost iPhone or iPad from any browser
- Have your lost device call you at any number you specify, even if there is no SIM card!
- Send a loud alarm or a voice message to your phone to find your lost device if you think its nearby
- Back up and save a copy of your contacts
- Manage your iPhone or iPad remotely over the web
- Get notified if you connect to unsecured WiFi, have an out-of-date OS, or if your phone is jailbroken
- Create a list of people to call if your device is found by someone else
- Connect to your lost device from Lookout.com and initiate a call to your designated friend or family member

Note: Continued use of GPS to track your phone can decrease battery life.
Compatible with iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad. Requires iOS 5.0 or later. This app is optimized for iPhone 5.


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