Radio Romania Live

Radio Romania allows you to listen to 150+ stations from Romania in your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, which includes:

Big Hits, Radio Manele, Kiss FM, Radio21 Romania, Actualitati Radio, Radio ZU, Antena Satelor FM, Europa, ZU FM, Bucuresti Radio, Ardeleanul, Constata, Radio Timisoara, Radio Targu Mures, Radio Dance Romania, Pro House, Radio GaGa, One FM Romania, Guerrilla FM, Pro Romenian Music, Sport Total FM, Antena Satelor Music, Antena Satelor AM, ProFM Dance, Radio Net Romania, Realitatea, Transilvania Cluj Napoca, Radio Cluj, One FM, Favorit, ProFM 80s Music, RFI Romania Dor de Tara, Ardeleanul FM, Energy FM, Radio Orion, Bucuresti Radio, Orizont, CAmpus, Smart FM, Deea, Mix FM, City FM, Cluj AM, Iasi FM, WYL FM, RFI Monde, Targu Mures, Targu Jiu, Radio Special, Radio SOS, Radio Son, Radio Romania Muzical, Radio Romania International 3, Radio Romania International 2, Radio Romania International 1, Radio Cultura, Radio PRO B, Radio Prahova, Only Hit Music, Live 247, Iasi AM, Iasi FM, Dor de Tara, Bucuresti Radio, Nord Est Mix, Fu Radio, Antena Satelor Music, WebRadio DjPro, ZU FM, Vocea Evangheliei, West City Radio and many more!


- Larger collection of radios from Romania. 
- About 250 music styles radios (Rock, Jazz, Oldies…), besides radios from Romania.
- Bookmark your favourites stations. 
- New stations added all the time by users request. 
- Background playing support. 
- iOS 6 Optimization. 
- Social Integration. 
- Totally new and improved look and feel! 
- User-friendly, simple, quick and easy-to-use UI developed by renowned designer. 
- Many streamings for each station (when available). 
- We are constantly working to keep stations working 24/7. 


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Radio Romania Live