Romania Radio Stations Player

Radio Romania allows you to listen to a great variety of radio stations from Romania on a simple and intuitive way. Hear about the latest news, enjoy listening sports and the best music from your country or you can also check out our genre selection. Select those stations that you like the most and make your own favorite list.

This app works both Romania and the rest of the world, and remember that you can contact us at to send your suggestions or to find help.

Some of the included stations are:

Ardeleanul FM Alba Lulia 91.2 FM, Radio 21 Romania, Guerrilla 94.8 FM, Radio Manele, Gold 96.9 FM, Radio PRO B, Pro House, Antena Satelor Music, Only Hit Music 95.7 FM, Romantic 101.9 FM, Radio CUltural 101.3 FM, Radio Romania Internacional, Activ EFEM 92.7 FM, Radio Transilvania 95.2 FM, One FM Romania, Radio Infierno 89.8 FM, Radio Dada 106.6 FM, Dor de Tara, ProFM Gold Oldies 102.8 FM and more.


Romania Radio Stations Player