Chestionare Auto DRPCIV

Romanian app.

The app helps you learn the greyhound of the driver's license test.

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- Official DRPCIV issues (2014 and 2015) amikkel will meet the written test
- Exam questions in several categories: A, A1, A2, AM, B, B1, C, C1, D, D1, etc.
- Review option in some cases wrong answer
- More than 2,000 formal questions from all categories
- Official DRPCIV (d.r.p.c.i.v.)

2. The learning environment
- Thousands of issue
- View Questions by Category
- Intuitive
- Fast Browsing feature
- Contributes to the successful theoretical exam

3. Legislation - the Highway Code and the implementing regulation - 2015

4.Kressz Tablet
- Detailed description of road signs
- Warning Signs
- Priority index
- Prohibition or Restriction
- Direction
- Information signs
- Other Tablet

5. Reports & Progress
- Reports rates
- Processes for monitoring

6. options
- Font Size - modifies the font size on demand
- Shows or hides the correct answer
Good luck!


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