Consultanta Fiscala

Tax advisory, audit, accounting and payroll services. The 35 professionals of the Expert Consulting Group (GEC) serve more than 200 Romanian and foreign companies. We are members of the CAFR, CECCAR, CCF, CFE, CELERGO, CCIFER, as well as of the global network TIAG.

When you make use of our statement certification services, you will offer a higher level of confidence to the tax bodies, therefore reducing your risk of becoming the subject of a tax inspection. GEC is a registered Tax Advisory Company and is listed in the Romanian and the European Register of Tax Consultants. We use a dedicated software which significantly reduces the processing times, reflecting in the increase of the analysis quality and the reduced costs, therefore we can offer you a competitive price. As an added benefit, you receive from us a business report helping you in your decision-making.


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