Inteligent - Cultura Generala

Inteligent - is a very interactive play offers the chance, do quizzes yet to learn different things and interesting new general knowledge.
Thousands of questions in Romanian language in many areas that tests your knowledge acquired along life may perhaps hundreds of books like TV shows you want to be a millionaire broadcast in Romania you've watched with so much passion and interest.


- Thousands of exciting questions with four possible answers. Each question with one correct answer.
- Attractive design
- 15 categories of questions from which you can choose: sport, film, music, science, history, biology, etc.
- Option to perform tests against the clock
- 4 levels of difficulty depending on the caliber and confidence in personal knowledge
- Top ranking scores
- Alternatives / options helpful
- Bonus levels

Demonstrates friends how smart you are and put them to the test.
Good luck!


Inteligent - Cultura Generala, free, trivia, game