Nemzeti Sport: hírek és eredmények

The latest scores is the most important teams and tournaments. Sign up for our favorite team, to keep up with the latest sports scores that interest you!

The National Sports mobile application allows not only the best match to alert you in time, but the main moments from matches will not miss any more!


Supported leagues: Hungarian and international football (NB I, Champions League, English, German, Spanish and Italian leagues)


In addition to the events at the National Sports after application to keep informed on all major events of all major sports as well. Híradatbázisunkban pick and choose from among hundreds of thousands of information.

The latest news on the following topics:

- Subject to any news affecting extreme sport
- Hungarian and international football transfers
- Formula 1 Grands Prix, pilots start list, tests
- Handball (men's, women's championships, world championships)
- Basketball (men's, women's championships, world championships)
- Hockey
- Water Polo
- Volleyball
- Tennis (ATP and WTA)
- American sports (NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB)


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