OpenSignal - Signal Finder and 3G/4G/Wifi Coverage Maps

OpenSignal is the ultimate Wi-Fi and signal-finder toolkit. Help contribute to our impartial maps of wireless hotspots by using our app to improve your connectivity.

Based on our community-generated data we are able to help keep you better connected by giving you a practical solution to the problems of slow mobile internet and dropped calls. Simply follow our signal compass to walk towards better phone signal or see our in-app coverage maps to work out which carrier is best for where you are, especially useful if you're thinking about making a change. Our Wi-Fi maps help you to find local public-access wireless networks, helpful if you're travelling abroad or just want to find a local cafe with free wifi.

Best of all, every time you use the app you're helping to improve it! By helping us to expand our wifi database and improve our coverage maps you're not only making the app work better for you but for everyone else who uses it.

~ Signal compass points you in the direction your signal is coming from, just walk towards it!
~ Wi-FI map allows you to easily locate nearby public networks - and we recommend you nearby ones based on foursquare data.
~ Coverage maps allow you see the best places for signal.
~ Speedtest feature allows you to see the true speed of your connection.
~ My Stats page lets you easily track cellular and Wi-Fi data usage as well as see stats on your average signal.
~ NetworkRank allows you to see which carrier is best in your area.
~ See a map of local cell towers.
~ Help improve our coverage and wifi maps through running active tests and letting the app collect coverage data in the background to contribute to the maps.
~ Share your findings on twitter and Facebook and compare your connection with other users.

Together we can help everyone get a better connection.

OpenSignal has been ranked the Number 1 Free Utility in Germany, Poland, Philippines, Greece, Netherlands, Moldova, Estonia, Lithuania, Egypt, Hungary, Oman, Slovakia, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the Ukraine.