Simple is an easy but versatile mobile wallet: you can use it to buy parking tickets, motorway vignettes, food, drinks, coffee, cinema tickets, but more importantly, it can save you time and effort. Simple is mobile provider and bank independent! No need for change, no cash necessary, only your net and mobile, that's all, and done!

If you have Simple on your smartphone, you can do all of the following:
• Parking: Simple has the GPS-based solution for all drivers looking to park their vehicles throughout the country, at favorable rates, and with intelligent, cost-effective options.
• E-Vignette: Skip the extra gas station stop, and secure the purchase of a motorway vignette through Simple!
• Food orders: Hungry, but don't feel like going out? Choose from more than 300 restaurants, the simplest way to order food!
• Cinema: Avoid long queue lines and get your tickets through your cell phone instantly! Choose from the following cinemas: Corvin, Puskin, Művész, Tabán, and the Toldi cinema.
• Vending: Use your smart-phone to buy soft-drinks, coffees and teas from hundreds of available vending machines. You can also use your smart-phone to park at the WestEnd shopping center.
• Concerts & theater shows: Choose an event, buy your tickets through the Simple app, and even get half-price discounts!
• Taxi: Order a taxi with accurate arrival updates and an easy fare payment convenience, all through your cell phone!
• Waiter: Save time at your favorite restaurant by paying for your check without waiting on the waiter!
• Loyalty cards: Store your loyalty cards virtually, all in one place!
• Party: Can't decide where to go out with your friends? Use our up-to-date list of parties and venues to help you choose where to spend an evening!

All these are available in one application, on your smart-phone!
We are continuously expanding our list of available services.
Simple. Make it easy.