Spanzuratoarea BOMB 2

Romanian app.

Play  Hangman Bomb 2, the most popular game of its kind in Romania! The game is free!

Game childhood, stimulates your thinking and SB2 allows you to guess the over 1000 words, divided into 20 different areas. With two game modes for a player and a game mode for two players online, SB2 will keep you company whenever you need a break, want to relax, disconnect, or you simply want a challenge. In SB2 your character can be dressed up and can take any form if you add a photo. With SB2 special challenge you every day with one word again.

Let us online community SB2 and challenge your friends to an online game of your opponent guessing and impressions on the internal chat.

With SB2, you can use bombs winnings to unlock every achievement and advance letters easier. Download Now SB2!

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