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For you, probably no stranger to the topic, which deals with form, but some things will be the appearance of new ones. The Starfield Publishing Company over many decades past has not yet issued a magazine in Europe. But now, breaking the silence in the house building and furnishing of special options, the publisher name, even assuming the title as Starfield Magazine publishes five, and later a new publication on nine European countries.

The already well-known in Hungary and Light Houses Magazine's footsteps, starting several topics, but the same quality we appear, are now each month. The twelve numbers every second, of every even month that is specifically devoted to the beam houses, but among other topics relevant statements will also be under the spotlight, such as Lightweight homes, rural homes, Natural Homes. In each of them we present Hungarian traditions and characteristics, but recent news of the world, and we particularly from other countries in Europe. For example, the number devoted to rural homes will be much the same vintage, pig, Hollókõ as South Sea, Czech brewing or Tuscany, but still the nature of the main roles. The natural way of life, a natural building material. Have a good time for all of our readers.

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